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From handling fulfillment and order invoices to effortlessly managing your store and generating sales, HAPO has all things you need for your Shopify store success.

Your Shopify success, Our solutions

Discover HAPO apps to better store management and higher sales.

HAPO Store Migration

Say goodbye to manual data import and export! Enjoy our app to seamlessly integrate all WooCommerce store data into Shopify, with no coding required.

HAPO PDF Invoice

Better order management with automate PDF invoices, refunds and more! Enjoy our customizable templates and simplify your paper work with unlimited PDF print.

HAPO Shoppable Instagram Feed

Ready to bring Instagram to your website in a few clicks? With our app, you can align your shoppable Instagram feeds with the right products to increase sales.

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Discover our story, our mission and why we’re your top choice.

Who are we?

With a team of professional eCommerce experts, HAPO specializes in developing robust and budget-friendly solutions tailored for Shopify merchants.
Always working with a sense of responsiblity, we’re committed to deliver better experience and valuable features to our customers!

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Our mission revolves around delivering reliable solutions for enhanced store management. Generate more sales, drive faster business growth and streamline your workload - it’s all about what we’re aiming for!

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What we provide to our Shopify merchants?

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Enjoy HAPO apps with user-friendly interface. Easily integrate into your Shopify store with no coding required.

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Our dedicated team is here to provide all Shopify merchants with high effective solutions at an affordable price.

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Our products, your security. HAPO apps are built in the highest security, fostering strong connections with our valued customers, partners and employees.

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